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A documentary about the life of the filmmaker’s grandfather and his life growing up in Fascist Italy to meeting his wife and immigrating to America.

Stories from Sicily | Short Documentary
Stories from Sicily | Short Documentary

Stories from Sicily | Short Documentary

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Stories from Sicily (Teaser) | Short Documentary

Stories from Sicily (Teaser) | Short Documentary

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Film Stats

USA, 2020, 11m 16s
Digital / 16 : 9

Press Kit


Bobby Fodera

Bobby Fodera



Vito Fodera

Ann Marie Fodera

Bobby Fodera

Writer (Interview Questions)


Bobby Fodera

Special Thanks

Robert V. Fodera

Vasilios Papaioannu


Bobby Fodera


Music By

Josh Lippi & The Overtimers

  • Official Selection - First-Time Filmmaker Sessions 2020

  • Finalist - Heritales: International Heritage Film Festival 2020

  • Finalist - Flickfair June 2020

  • Selected Documentary Short - Salt City International Film Festival 2021 


This documentary is a short snippet of the filmmaker’s grandfather’s life from being born in Sicily, going to school in fascist Italy, serving in the Italian army, then meeting his grandmother, immigrating to the United States, building a large family, and achieving the American Dream. Half of the film is from the perspective of the filmmaker’s grandfather while the second is from his grandmother’s and concludes with a mixture of the two. The film is a mixture of the expository and observational documentary modes told through the interview style with archival imagery displayed throughout.

About the Director

ROBERT V. FODERA, JR., or better known as Bobby, was born in Staten Island, New York, and is currently working toward a Film B.F.A. and a minor in Animation and Visual Effects at Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. Since 2016, he has directed numerous short films, music videos, and short animated films. 'Stories from Sicily' is notably his first documentary project. As a filmmaker, Fodera is currently developing his creative style through his educational endeavors in Syracuse. Fodera aspires to be a director of feature films that push the limits of creative storytelling.

Director's Statement

This documentary is about my grandfather, Vito Fodera, growing up in Sicily, Italy, and how he met my grandmother, Ann Marie Fodera, and established a new life in America. Until my grandfather was 13 years old, he lived under the fascist regime of Benito Mussolini. My grandfather has told me numerous stories about him growing up in Sicily and I have yet to preserve them permanently, therefore, I want to capture these stories before they are lost. The main artistic works that have influenced my project are the documentaries, Nobody’s Business by Alan Berliner and 95 And 6 To Go by Kimi Takesue. Both these documentaries involve the filmmaker talking to their father or grandfather and creating a documentary around their life and/or heritage. Among the many films I have been required to watch while at Syracuse University, these two documentaries have stood out beyond the rest, because I felt I had a direct connection with their stories and always wanted to create a documentary in this vain about my grandfather or grandparents since I am lucky for them to still be alive.


This film was made in partial fulfillment of a B.F.A. in Film in the Department of Transmedia, College of Visual and Performing Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N.Y. 2019

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